Nowadays, no company has either the time nor money to experiment!  As soon as a project has been granted, the staffing adjustment plan must be implemented as quickly as possible. It is irrelevant where the project is, either nationally or internationally.  There are only a very few companies who are qualified and have the know-how to globally represent your interests.  In addition, all the legal aspects, parameters, and regulations must be observed. 

We are competent and reliable - your project could not be in better hands!


You are, for example, a world-wide supplier.

In today’s business age, it has become a business trend that the supplier sends an employee to his customer. This service ensures the successful product implementation and usage by working-closely with the people on-site, supervising technical procedures and fine-tuning, and by supporting the research and development of any follow-up implementations or even programming. In doing so, you have a company representative on site, not only representing your interests but also in constant dialog with the customer. This allows you to quickly identify any arising themes and find solutions before the customer working-relationship may suffer.

Close observation and being there with the customer is definitely the ultimate competitive advantage!



We are realists and are aware of what is happening in the business world. It often happens that our clients want to permanently employ our employees. Should this be desired, this option is possible and foreseen in our contacts. This often occurs by our pioneers, who have played a major role in setting-up a project or organising a new division in your company. This step to permanently take-on our candidate speaks for itself - the right choice and right person for the job - thank you.

In this way, you can invest and integrate the gained knowledge into your company!

We are available at your convenience for a first consultation session, free of charge!