Customer orientated solutions for your company

Especially in the fast-growing middle-class company sector, the number of employees being employed is growing faster than the personnel competencies or the personnel department.

External HR Management is the perfect solution for small or medium enterprises which do not have their own Head of the Personnel Department, or due to the lack of the number of employees, do not yet have their own Personnel Department.

Personnel work has always been the boss’s job - but this can usually be done when things are quiet. When complex problems and daunting tasks have to be tackled, there is usually no time or moment when the personnel work or recruitment processes can be integrated into the daily routine.

Therefore an external personnel director is the most economic and flexible solution, who will be available for all your HR needs. You are only liable to pay for the service; the rest is up to us!

The external HR Management takes care of all your individual requests (advising and operational divisions)

  • Organisation of  recruitment processes
  • Support and supervise the recruitment
  • Strategic personnel planning
  • Development and execution of personnel development concepts
  • Preparation and implementation of working times and remuneration
  • Project-related assistance