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When a position in a company becomes free or a new position is recreated due to company expansion, then either the Personnel Department of a larger business or maybe the boss himself of a smaller company is forced to find a new employee.  There is definitely a qualified specialist or top-executive just waiting to be found. We link the employer and the potential candidate.

When a vacant position is officially advertised, the Personnel Department is usually inundated with job applications. Furthermore, numerous spontaneous job applications are sent which must be looked at as well.

Particularly in small companies or  businesses with lean structures, neither the time or personnel is available to screen and process all arriving applications, given this peak period of work . For this very reason, more and more Managing Directors and Head of Personnel Directors request the professional assistance of a Personnel Recruitment Service.

The professionals of HRsolution are specialists in the area of the employee recruitment, we not only possess indepth knowledge of the job market and but also have many useful contacts, e.g. closely working together with our head hunter. Thus, financial resources are not over stretched, and yet, experts are concentrating on finding the perfect person.

We compile, together with our client, a Candidate Specification Profile, specifying all the prerequisites of the position to be filled.  Thereafter, we track down the best possible candidate. Here HRsolution act as a liaison between you and the candidate, ending in mutual agreement

At all times, the key focus point of all our recruitment projects is not only  the working partnership between you and ourselves - but also the placement of personnel and project management.


Efficiently tracking down the best possible candidate

You have a position that has to be filled? You are so involved in your typical day-to-day business, that you do not have the time to address this problem. Allow us to ease the decision - that is our daily business!

The Applicant Management of HRsolution competently saves you time and the costly procedure of finding a new employee.  You can either use our Applicant Management separately, or in connection with Personnel Recruitment.

Allow us to deal with all the necessary points of Applicant Management while you concentrate on your daily business. We invest and take the time, in your name, offering the best possible service by quickly and professionally screening the applicant. Naturally, your company and interests are treated with the highest discretion until the suitable candidate has been found.

Time and money is saved by simply maximizing the number of candidates while minimizing the processing time. This results in a cost reduction per placement and less work for you.

Enjoy this extravagance and relaxed atmosphere - for both yourself and your applicants.

Our Process:

    Creation of an Applicant Management Strategy
    Organization and placement of advertisements in the appropriate media
    Screen applications
    Pre-selection and conduct first interview
    Responsibility of applicant correspondence
    Presentation of suitable candidates
    Collective conduct of interviews


Classical Personnel Recruitment

We place qualified personnel


Applicant Management

We screen all candidates and we pre-select


Apprenticeship Management

We optimally fill all vacancies, without wasting time and money


Personnel administration

Availability is important to you?We can help! Individual and according to the needs of our client


Job advertisment service

You need personnel? Find the right solution with HRsolution!