We take over responsability!

Outsourcing is the permanent external placement of company divisions or processes, which do not belong to the core business. Thus, the client companies can fully concentrate on the turnover-bringing core competencies.

We evaluate possible externally placeable divisions, which can often be contractually outsourced by a third-party (supplier) .

Work contract

By rule, the classic work contract clearly and exactly defines pending projects. The scope of services to be rendered and the execution of the project before its actual start, is mutually agreed upon between the parties involved. The aim is always to fulfill the contractually-agreed upon services when presenting the results. We are responsible for the temporal, technical and organisational fulfilment of this aim.
Thus, we schedule and supervise the capacities. Our assigned employees report to our Head of Project Supervisor. We are liable for their services rendered.


Relieve the strain and pressure on your core business, by outsourcing personnel-intensive divisions. You select for each area the best specialists. Committed specialists ensure a smooth and qualitatively first-class work flow. HRsolution outsourcing is first-class quality.

Every department in a company has its demands and capacity, both in time and space available. HRsolution takes over  the responsibility for important secondary business divisions such as  switchboards, post offices or the wage accounting department. Doing so, you can concentrate on the core business and file on your competitiveness.